Digital Vs Offset

Offset and digital are both great printing choices for your business. Every offers their own set of benefits that (depending on your need) can help achieve your required results.
Let’s take a closer look at these two printing options to help you decide which one is right choice for your business.
Digital Printing
Digital printing offers a best printing solution for businesses who want top quality and high speed but shorter print runs. It works by sending your print file from a computer to the digital printer using toner (in a laser printer) or liquid ink to immediately print onto paper. So if your business only desires less printed then it’s ideal.
When combined with variable information printing, digital printing allows you to customize and personalize printed things such as newsletters, catalogues and brochures.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Offers flexibility if you would like to create frequent changes
  • Fast turnaround and cheap setup prices are lower for short runs
  • Inexpensive option if you want black and white printing
  • Variable information capability makes digital printing ideal for customising print promoting material.
  • Print only the quantity you need, when you need it

Offset Printing
Offset printing offers high-quality, high-volume printing technology and is a cost-effective option for long print runs such as brochures and catalogues. this method uses plates to transfer an inked image onto a rubber blanket, then to the sheet of paper.
Offset printing keeps colors consistent and is the good choice when larger quantities are required and for branded documents requiring a crisp, professional finish.
Advantages of offset

  • More you print, the cheaper the worth per piece
  • Cost effective possibility for long print runs
  • Special custom inks like aluminous and Pantone colors is used
  • Highest doable printing quality, with consistent pictures, precise color and bigger detail
  • A massive form of paper sorts with custom finishes area unit on the market

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